Thursday, May 21, 2015

Same Love

I sit on a bench, gazing around at the trees dotting the beautiful park around me, watching as children play in the fountain by the walking path and college students throw sticks for their dogs on the rectangular field. A couple, a woman in her early twenties and a man around that age, walk past me with their arms around each other. I sigh. The affection they show is so real, so public. My hands twist in my lap as I wait. I know we shouldn't be meeting where others can see, but I can’t help myself. My heart belongs to him, and no matter how hard people try I can’t change who I am. My hand runs through my short brown hair, and I see him trotting to me across the field. I smile and we connect, hugging. I look over his shoulder and people are already giving us dirty looks. My stomach wrenches, but my love can’t be held back. All I want is to love freely, without hiding. I take his hand, and we start off to the little cafĂ© down the road. We were good at hiding the love we had for each other, but it wasn't fair. I looked over the field and saw the same couple I had seen earlier finishing their lap around. All I want. All I ask. Freedom.

All states should legalize gay marriage because gays don't get the rights that straights do, like share the money, property, etc. With their spouse, and gays should get the right to do this because that is discrimination. Banning it can cause humiliation for children with gay couples for parents, and that could cause more suicides. If gay couples marry, more children in foster homes can get adopted.
map of the states that legalized gay marriage (2015)

(orange = states that have allowed same-sex marriage)
(red = states that have banned same-sex marriage)

These are the states that have legalized gay marriage. 26 of these made their decision by court decision. 8 by legislature and 3 by popular vote.13 other states… well, 12 made their decision by constitutional amendment and state law and 1 by constitutional amendment only. There are still 8 states where gay marriage appeals are slowly coming to surface, but the bans are overturned. What do those 13 states have against it? Well here, I’m going to explain why I think that those 13 states should change their same-sex ban law.
So anyway, my first reason for this topic is discrimination. We discriminate gays because of the sex they love. Also, if gay couples get married, they can’t share property, money, and health insurance. So when one partner gets into the hospital, the other partner cannot make the decisions about the house. When one partner dies, he/she cannot make their own will; someone else has to do it. Hospitals cannot legally allow gay couples to receive medical information about a condition unless they have brought a blood-relative and they are present. Does that seem unfair? (Infographic, “10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized” by Alex King)
Also, some jobs are not accepting workers because they are gay or lesbian. They only want straight people to work for them. That is discriminating gays because now they can’t work because of who they are. There are few jobs now that accept gays to work. If we did not discriminate gays, there would be more jobs open for workers since their expectations are so limited.
There is a constitutional law, based on the constitution. This law allows people to have rights such as federal and state government. Everyone has this right. So if we are banning gays to marry and denying gay couples the rights that straights have, we are technically taking away the rights the constitutional law gives to all Americans, including gays, who are the same as everybody else. This is also discrimination. (Constitutional Law, Wex Legal Dictionary)
Secondly, banning the rights to gay marriage could lead to child issues. For example, children with parents who are gay could get deeply humiliated by peers, other adults, or the government itself. This could lead to depression, which almost always leads to suicide. The government wants peace in the world, but how can they get that by treating humans differently and causing depression in their citizens? And it’s not only the parents. Children get bullied because they love their same sex. This could also lead to suicide. So if we allowed gay marriage in all states, the suicide rate for children could go down.
Also, children need parents. That is how they learn about the world, about society, about themselves. So children in foster care or adoptive homes can get adopted by gay couples. Now even more children are happy with a care-free home… but not with the law in lots of states that do not allow gays to marry. So if gays were allowed to marry, children would have happy homes with parents of their own instead of having multiple “parents” in a foster care.

A society reason: If we deny the option to marry for people who are gay or lesbian, the government will soon create a second-class of citizens because some people do not get the right to marry like their friends, family, and other people in general. Also, allowing gay couples to marry will decrease the divorce rate. Studies show that that the United States, compared to other countries, has one of the highest divorce rates. If we allow gay marriage to be legal in all states, the divorce rate will go down because there will be less incompatibility and/or infertility. (Infographic, “10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized” by Alex King)
There is a slight downside, though: An important part of marriage, or an integral part of marriage, is to have children of your own. But… again, more children would get adopted because of gay couples not being about to produce offspring together... and children in adoptive cares would have a happier life in a happy home. (“8 Major Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage” website article by Chief Editor)
Love is love. If anyone wants to argue against that… they must not know what their true argument means because topics like this take thinking and research. Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry… they leave a lot of benefits on the government and society as well. Children without homes can finally get one in Texas and Michigan would not have a lower class of citizens. Suicidal attempts will occur less often for children who are gay or have parents who are gay. Humans will not be discriminated and will get the same constitutional rights that everyone deserves and has the right to have. So should gay marriage be legal in all states and countries? Yes, I absolutely believe so.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Greencough has taken over Thunderclan!!!

     Leafpool isn't sure whether she can handle all the sick cats!!! Jaypaw is desperate for catmint, and Lionblaze can't stop having visions of Heatherpaw's blood on his paws. Is Thunderclan falling apart???
     Jawpaw decides he can go into Kestralpaw's dreams to see if there is catmint in Windclan. Turns out, Windclan has catmint growing in bushes all around some rocks by some tunnels Jawpaw and his siblings found when they were apprentices. When the medicine cat apprentice cat wakes up, he needs to find Lionblaze to see if the strong warrior will go fetch the catmint by entering through the tunnels. But Lionblaze denies it; he can't bear going into Windclan without remembering his vision of this love a long, long time ago.
     Now Firestar, Thunderclan's leader, is sick with greencough too!! Leafpool can't take this any longer!! With the clan leader sick, Thunderclan is weak and vulnerable to the other 3 clans if they decide to attack. But Firestar stands back up and declares an idea that will possibly save any other cats from being sick.
      The sick cats go and take refuge up in the old Twoleg nest in their territory. They will all be brought herbs by Leafpool who will give them to Firestar, who will be taking care of the sick cats. Brambleclaw will take care of Thunderclan until things clean up.
      But will they stand a chance without Windclan's camint? Or will Lionblaze man up and take it to save his clan?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Fake Sign from Starclan

     Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jaypaw are determined to save Shadowclan from their future of turning into rogues with Sol still in power. So, the three siblings decide to make a fake sign from Starclan to help the leader and his medicine cat believe again.
      In order to do this, though, the three cats need to know the territory. So they decide to take the chance and ask the three Shadowclan apprentices for help.
      The apprentices are eager to help their cousins. So they decide on a mucky place with trees with roots sticking up from the ground. Jaypaw tells them to dig up the roots so the trees are just about to fall over.
      Then one the Shadowclan apprentices, Tigerpaw, goes to fetch Littlecloud the medicine cat with Hollyleaf right behind him, hiding. Littlecloud brings Blackstar, now Blackfoot, to the place where Jaypaw, Lionblaze, Flamepaw, and Dawnpaw were waiting.
       When they three Shadowclna cats got to the trees, Flamepaw and Jaypaw pushed the trees over, so they seemed to be falling.
       "The forest will fall..." Jaypaw was saying quietly like a warrior from Starclan was speaking to them. But this didn't fool Blackfoot!!
        Suddenly, two real Starclan warriors appeared at Jawpaw's side!! They were helping the cats with their fake sign!! Blackfoot and Littlecoud were taken by surprise to see their actual warrior ancestors appear at their paws.
        What will Blackstar do? Will he turn the sign down and pretend it never happened? Or will he listen to Starclan and confront Sol to tell him what he's seen?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shadowclan Cats!!!

   When Thunderclan gets Greencough and Shadowclan stops believing in Starclan and Windclan is still being very hostile, all Hollyleaf needs is a distraction and an excuse to get out of camp. Opportunity turns up when Cloudtail offers a patrol spot. Of course, the Warrior takes it!!

  As they are padding through the wet forest, Cloudtail scents something and orders the cats to stop. Hollypaw recognizes the smell: Shadowclan cats!!

    It turns out only to be Tawnypelt and her three kits: Tigerkit, Flamekit, and Dawnkit. They are starving and they also crossed the border.

    The patrol takes them to their own camp, and the kits go straight to the fresh kill pile. Brambleclaw, Thunderclan's deputy, takes the mother to the clan leader, Firestar.

    What will Firestar say? Will he agree to take in the Shadowclan cats or will he suspect it as a trap?

Monday, April 13, 2015

The odds are definitely in her favor.

    Katniss Everdeen was a simple sixteen year old from the dirty, most least popular District 12, the laughingstock of  the Capitol, the big rich city they and eleven other Districts surround. In the yearly reaping for the Hunger Games, Katniss's younger sister Prim's name was picked. Her name... one in thousands!! The oods were most definitely in her favor. So, Katniss volunteered to take her sister's place.
     Once the reaping was over, Katniss and Peeta, the boy's tribute, set off on their "death sentence" to be watched on live t.v. They boarded the Tribute train to the Capitol itself to get dressed for a small performance they have to do on chariots with the other District's tributes. After that, they are in another room with the rest of the tributes as they put out their flaming costumes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Outside the Fence...

          When all of the surviving Allegiant members finally get outside the fence around the city, Johanna leaves them, for she still has Allegiant work to do inside the city's boundaries. As Tobias, Tris, Cara, Peter, and Christina walk, they see trains off their tracks with red velvet seating; unlike the trains back in their home where there are only cars to jump off of. They see roads and they point out other things that seem to have been used when people did live here.
           Finally, they meet up with an old friend that Tobias watched die himself; but apparently he is still alive!! Tobias remembers him doing his own simulations when he became an initiate in Dauntless... And that he did not keep the secret that he was Divergent for too long... which caused his death... or so it seems.
           After this guy drives them into a building called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, they meet up with David, who explains to them that he and his committee of workers at the Bureau are the reason for the factions. He says that they are working on genetic purity for the world, but it took away some of the abilities and strengths in humans.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

You know how people say the book is always better than the movie? It's True!!!!!!!!!

              I believe that the Giver book is better than the movie because in the book, the friendship between Asher and Jonas is strong and Asher doesn't betray him. In the movie scene where he's trying to find Jonas, Asher has second thoughts about getting rid of him. A true friend would have let him go without hesitation (well I just think the movie would be better if the friendship stayed true).
             Also, I think it is kind of strange that the movie makes them all teenagers so Jonas and Fiona would make more sense. I just believe that in the book, the fact that they were Elevens showed more character in Asher, Fiona, and Jonas. When they were teenagers, the movie took away some of that character in the kids. In the book, the age was interesting; it gave the book a better storyline by making the romance weird and interesting... sort of like the book.
             Lastly, the book is better than the movie because Elsewhere is unknown. With Elsewhere right in front of the Giver's window in the movie, it took some of the curiosity and interest away from the storyline. I believe that with Jonas NOT knowing where Elsewhere was made you want to keep reading to see what will happen next.
            Although, I do agree with one thing in the movie: the suspense of Fiona being released instead of just talking about Jonas on his way to Elsewhere like in the book. I think whenever you watch that part in the movie you always want to shout, "Go, Jonas, go!!!!!!"